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What my clients say


Coaching programs listed in order of:

  • TFL Trainer is a monthly Workout & Nutrition program with full app access. This program designed to make you look and feel your best without sacrificing all your time.
  • Workouts: ​You get 5 gym & 4 home workouts every week.
  • ​Progression: The workouts will update to new rep ranges, more advanced lifts, and new goals every 3 weeks so you never get bored and are alway progressing! 
  • Accountability: Track your workouts, how much weight you lift, what type of cardio you did, food, daily water intake and so much more.....Get instant gratification after each workout when you set personal bests!.
  • Nutrition: Have no idea what you can or should eat? 50+ pages of proper nutrition guidance, meal ideas, tips for meal prep, cooking videos, recipes and pictures of our favorite foods!
  • ​​Cost: Get started with a $1 trial! Then only pay $27/mo. after! No contract, cancel anytime.
  • Personalized workout program tailored to your goals/equipment/ preference/injury history.
  • ​Nutritional guidance. Learn how to get the results you want AND keep those results. 
  • ​Accountability from ME personally. Weekly messaging and check ins. Making sure you get your shit done!!
  • Best ​online community & support through my app with all TFL clients
  • ​Weekly VIDEOS from me, exercise tutorials, nutrition training, mindset focus.
  • ​Custom App: Your transformation program will be in one place, easy to track, and easy to follow! Your workouts have demonstration videos and voice over to give you a boost in confidence. The app also comes with daily goals, nutrition guide and tracking features.
  • ​I do monthly challenges for Amazon Gift Card prizes!
  • ​All clients share wins, struggles, meal ideas, etc. We SUPPORT so you know you're not alone in this!!
  • ​​Fill out the application, schedule a call with Allie, see if this is a good fit, and if so let the fun begin! 
  • Elite Transformation is for you if:  You're low on energy and feel like nothing works. You've tried several diets and feel like you're constantly starting over because nothing sticks. You want results, but results you can keep. Elite will help you lose 10+ pounds, gain strength that helps you keep up with your kids and grandchildren, and finally feel like you're living life to your fullest potential!

Custom Workout & Nutrition Programming

  • ​Level Up your workout program and nutrition coaching  - no more generic online program filled with exercises you hate and cookie cutter meal plans!
  • ​This coaching option is very popular for those who travel often and need workouts to fit their environment, individuals who are going through PT tests, getting ready for a wedding or vacations.
  • How it works? Start out with a consultation where Allie learns your injuries, preferences, and fitness history. Before your program is written up, you'll send pictures of your workout space to Allie allowing your program to be customized to you.
  • Accountability: In my app, you'll have daily goals & habits to mark complete, view your weekly streaks, and keep your motivation high. At the end of every 4 weeks, you will check in with Allie for measurements, discuss progress, changes you'd liked to see, new goals, travel plans, and anything else to help your coach write your program.
  • Workout App All your workouts will be in my app  with demonstration videos, along with your nutrition guide and tracking features.
  • Commitment:  4 week program. There is no contract. You can stop or renew after each 4 weeks. No automatic billing.
Allie helped me turn my health around! I have lowered my cholesterol, transformed my body, and improved my self esteem. She helped me be able to believe in myself. Thank you Allie!!

-Megan L.

The teachings fit into my life. It is not about how fast I could lose a certain amount of weight or about cutting out a food group or killing it with cardio. It's that the Allie taught me real ways to incorporate nutrition and fitness into MY life.

- Randi B.

Check out our free guides, workouts, videos, and audio coaching files!

Book a Free Consult to see if we are a good fit.

-Jim Rohn
Hey! I’m Allie.
I'm the owner & head coach of The Fitness Life. I’ve been a personal trainer for 9 years, and I’ve competed in bodybuilding competitions filled with boring meals and zero social life, done hours of cardio, and tried a TON of different fitness programs.
I thought that losing weight and getting fit meant spending hours doing cardio. But I finally gave up. It wasn’t working. Yes, I was technically “thin”, but I was what the industry calls "skinny fat." 
Then I started to do bodybuilding competitions. I wanted to be ripped! My coach put me on a very boring meal plan, told me to lift 6 days a week, do 30 mins of cardio every day, and avoid all food not on my diet list. Meaning, I couldn't eat out. If I went to a restaurant, I took my own food or I didn't eat at all. Which put a quick stop to having any social life.

I thought it was worth it.. at first. Because at first I was good at it. I took home first place trophies. I was ripped. I got down to 9% body fat! 

Until I noticed, competing and being really lean didn't make me any happier. I missed living life!

So I finally gave that up too. I gained weight. I gained body fat. I didn't have any drive to workout.

I was stuck between my two phases of fitness. 

1) Doing a lot of cardio and being skinny fat.
2) Tracking every ounce of food, lifting 6x a week, and having no social life. 

I wanted to be happy
I wanted to be strong.
I wanted to be confident.
I wanted to be fit and have a life!

I decided I had to find middle ground. That’s when THE FITNESS LIFE was born. I coach the balance, feeling better, reaching your goals and doing it in a sustainable manner. No fad diets and no crazy supplements! No giving up what you love to eat! 

Let me show you how fitness is suppose to make you feel. Like a badass!


Hey! I’m Allie.
I’ve been a personal trainer for 6 years, and I’ve competed in bodybuilding competitions (complete with asparagus-and-chicken-breast diets for months on end), done hours of cardio, and tried a TON of different fitness programs.
For a long time, I thought the same as you - that losing weight and getting fit meant cutting out carbs and sugar, looking longingly at the dessert menu when I got together with friends or went to parties, spending hours on working out every week, and basically turning myself into a nervous, calorie-counting wreck!

But I finally gave up. It wasn’t working. Yes, I was technically “thin”, but I wasn’t healthy. I didn’t have energy, I had to keep stopping in the middle of my workouts, my skin wasn’t glowing and my hair and nails were weak - and that was when I put my stake in the ground. I was DONE feeling like a basket case just so I could win a trophy on stage and feel like I’ve made it!

That’s why THE FITNESS LIFE - is about balance, feeling better, reaching your goals and doing it in a sustainable manner. No fad diets and no crazy supplements! Let me show you how fitness is suppose to make you feel. Like a badass!


I love how Allie introduces new exercises and is great at modifying exercises for those that need it due to recovering from a injury or ability. She always wants to know how you are feeling mentally and physically and always offers advice on how to manage muscle fatigue and nutrition! Love the monthly nutrition information Allie puts together! 

-Monica F.

I just did 22 wo(man) pushups with that walk out plank exercise thingy!!!!!! I would have NEVER been able to do that before I started this! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and encouragement. :)

- Bonnie N.

Allie answered my questions, treat me like a real person and hear my wants/goals. The workouts have great instructional videos; trainers give great motivation and ideas 

-Kristi C.

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I love the workouts and I don't have to worry about and I don't have to worry about what I'm going to do every time I go to the gym.

-Lisa M.

I measured my waist today and it’s 3” smaller! I’m wearing my pink shorts today!!! The ones I tried at the beginning and couldn’t get over my butt. Thank you!!! 😁

-Cheyenne C.

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