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Take some of the stress away by incorporating these 5 tips to easily transform your body. You can get ready and stay ready if you follow each one. 1. Set a fitness goal, but not based on the scale - Try setting goals beyond your weight. Instead focus on a performance g...

Happy Thanksgiving U.S. Friends! 

Yes, this is the time of year you have been waiting for.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pie, leftover turkey sandwiches made with rolls... MORE PIE!

Have family and friends around? Challenge them to a Thanksgiving workout! 

Here are t...

Not Familiar with the Winter 15?  Well, it's the Freshmen 15's ugly cousin.....and it's coming to visit.  

We all know the Freshman 15.

You're off to college, out of the house and living on your own...

No parents to tell you when and what to eat.....and man is l...

The goal is to not cut any food out of my diet, but find healthier replacements or consume in moderation!

"I want to get toned" 

After over 9 years of being a personal trainer, I hear this all the time! 

What does that really mean? 

What does it take to get toned?

Am I toned?......Are you toned?.....Does the word toned sound weird now.......

If you google the term "tone...

If not then you should…..

Did I get your attention?  

Don’t lie…you were intrigued by the headline!  

I assure you though, there’s nothing explicit in here, but there are some of our favorite mobility exercises that you probably didn’t know about, don’t do…or don’t like t...

I'll never forget the look on my husband's face when I told him...

3 ways to instantly improve your health

Summer time can either be the time you are in the best shape of your life because your active outside or it can be when you soften up because you love BBQs with friends, eating s'mores near the campfire, or sipping on the adult be...

If you do not follow our suggestions, we are in no way or form implying you should be dragged off a plane, have your face slammed on an armrest, and be publicly humiliated. We would never do that to you. 

All jokes aside from the public relations nightmare.

About 5...

We want to be strong and fit, but let’s face it; we also want a perfect butt, glutes or backside. It’s by far the most common thing my clients ask for, and I have the answer.

First, you need to understand the muscles involved. Those muscles that give us that nice, curvy...

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