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Just $19.87


Hate Boring "healthy" food? No worries! I've given you several items to choose from - INCLUDING fries and burgers! Might surprise you, a salad isn't always the best choice! Enjoy the Re-defined version healthy eating with this guide!

Menu Cheatsheet- 16 restaurants with several menu items to choose from, each with ordering key to help you make a quick & easily decision that fits your goals the best!

Top 10 Guidelines- A quick reference for eating out at ANY location! Going to a small Ma and Pa place that's not in this guide? No problem! You can use my top 10 guidelines to help you make an educated decision. No more falling into bad habits and messing up your progress! 

No More Nutritional Tables -Skip the annoying PDF nutrition table and order straight from this guide! Modifications, suggestions, and nutrition is listed for each item! Enjoy your meal knowing you made the best choice for your goals!

Protein breakdown- Hitting your daily protein goal is a game changer for losing weight and eating out can put a damper on that if you're not careful! But you don't have to worry, I got you! Each item has a protein breakdown and modifications to bump up that protein content even more! 

Tips, Tricks, and Information- This guide is way more than just a guide to eating out! There's tips about nutrients, sweet treat finds, and cooking! Information you didn't know you needed!

Easy to ready- Oh look, pictures! Oooo and color! 

Ordering Key- Spot certain symbols, colors, and icons that represent menu items high in protein, high in vegetables, or modifications needed.

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