Black Friday 2023 was a success! See you next year

November 20th -26th at midnight

Sale Summary

The items are listed below are in the same order as this website. The stars (⭐️) indicate the most popular items each year. There are a couple new items this year too! 
  • $10 off each Custom In Person Sessions ⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • $5 off each Basic In Person Sessions
  • 25% off 3 Months Level Up Custom Programming ⭐️⭐️
  • ​​25% off 3 months Elite Online Transformation Coaching 🆕 
  • $20 off 2024 Winter 6 Week Challenge
  • ​25% off 3 months TFL Trainer Online Membership ⭐️
  • ​20% off 12 months TFL Trainer Online Membership ⭐️
  • ​Gift Card Specials with Bonus Cash 🆕 
  • $60 off Myzone

Want to enter the VENMO drawing?

Giveaway Time! Help me avoid transaction fees as much as possible by using Venmo and in return get a chance to win a prize! 

HOW YOU ENTER:  With every $100 spent using Venmo, your name will be entered into a drawing. After November 26th I will draw 2 winners! Prize is a $50 Amazon Gift Card. 

HOW TO ORDER USING VENMO: Look below and figure out what you want. Calculate your total and Venmo me that total with a description of what you're purchasing. If you're a new client, email me your contact information so I can reach out afterwards. **venmo order will NOT use the purchase buttons on this page**

IMPORTANT: In order to qualify for drawing, there must be no transaction fees taken out of your payment. To do this, make sure you keep the toggle switch OFF for "Turn on for purchases" in Venmo. (screenshot example below)
If you need help to calculate the total or figure out what you want to do, email me!
VERY IMPORTANT - NEW Clients: After your purchase, please reach out to me so I have your contact information.

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Hey! I’m Allie.
I'm the owner and head coach of The Fitness Life. I’ve been a personal trainer for about a decade, and I’ve ran hours chasing skinny, I've competed in bodybuilding competitions chasing the trophy and being shredded, I've said F*ck it all and gave up, and finally landed on The Fitness Life Approach!
For a long time, I thought that losing weight and getting fit meant cutting out carbs and sugar, looking longingly at the dessert menu, spending hours working out every week, and feeling exhausted. 
But I finally gave up. It wasn’t working. I was tired. I felt like I was constantly starting over and searching for a new approach that would work. I was DONE. I felt like the only thing that worked was competition approach and I didn't want to go back to that. It didn't make me feel good. I couldn't enjoy life with that approach.

That’s why THE FITNESS LIFE - is about finding a personalized plan, feeling energized, losing that stubborn belly fat... AND KEEPING IT OFF! No fad diets and no crazy supplements! Let me show you how fitness is suppose to make you feel. Like a badass!
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