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Me awkwardly posing on #17 - TPC Sawgrass 2018

Thanks for checking out my page. I am your golf fitness, injury recovery, athletic performance or muscle building specialist! 

My story is a little bit different than most people's "transformation" stories. In America today, all the stories come from those who need to lose weight because we have so many delicious choices of things to eat, and a plethora of activities that require no effort at all.   This leads many down a road where excess weight is gained....and then gained some more.  
Me on the other hand, I've always been skinny and I've always been active. I played every sport I could growing up and if you had a job that needed to be done all you had to do was point me in the right direction and get out of the way and I would work till the job is done. 

I lifted weights all through high school but still graduated at 6 foot tall and a measly 160 lbs. I hear all the time how "easy" fitness must be for me because I'm lean and I have a high metabolism. Thanks to my genetics I do stay pretty lean, but that also means that it's very hard for me to gain and maintain muscle. Keeping the size I've worked so hard to gain on my frame is just as much of battle as keeping off the weight you have lost. 

I know, I know...... nobody will be shedding a tear for me and my struggle, just try to remember we all have our advantages and disadvantages, but you can


Whether you have always been know as "skinny" or "big boned" your whole life, that's nothing more than a starting point.
It's not your destination if you don't want it to be and you're willing to work for it.  

Bottom line is, living healthier is a lifelong journey that will have its ups & downs, won't always be easy, but isn't always the grind people think it is......once you've learned the right way to do it.  

I truly believe you can Live the life you want, look how you want and feel better doing it.

PGA TOUR Experience -
The last 8 years I've worked out on the PGA TOUR in the their Sports Medicine and Fitness program. I've had the pleasure of working with some of the the worlds best golfers.......and some you've never heard of 😂

So.....if you're looking to improve your golf game, I'm your man.  I can't promise lower scores BUT I can make sure you swing better, hit it farther and feel better after your round. 👊🏻
Personal Training Experience 
I've been a Certified Personal Trainer for going on 12 years now and I've seen a lot, learned a lot and experienced just about every type of client you could imagine.  

From professional athletes to post therapy rehab and performance enhancement.  If you need help with your fitness, I'd love to help you! 
Athletic Training Experience 
I've been a Certified Athletic Trainer for going on 15 years.  
This is the basis of education that I have expanded upon over the years to help my clients at every level get the best experience possible.  It has enabled me to mix in "fixes" to the limitations, aches, pains and weaknesses that most people don't know they have or know are fixable.  
This makes their overall quality of life better while they are focused on their specific goals.

Here's a list of things I've learned over the years for your reading pleasure......

  • ​​BS in Athletic Training - Boise State University
  • ​NATA BOC Certified Athletic Trainer
  • NASM - PES/CES/Golf Fitness
  • TPI Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • CPS - Champion Performance Specialist
  • ​Precision Nutrition Lvl 1 Coach
  • IKFF Level 1 Kettlebell Certified.
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