Ready to transform in just 21 days without:
✖️ hours of cardio
✖️ restrictive diets and meal plans
✖️ needing to go to the gym

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I'd love to help you reach your goals

with my proven program!

TFL Trainer is my Online Training program for Women

This program will help you
 Lose weight so you can wear things you haven't worn in years.
 Gain Muscle so you can add beautiful shape and tone.
 Be more confident so you have feel good about yourself again.
 Get Stronger so you can do things you haven't been able to do for years.
 Get results... and keep those results so you can escape the hamster wheel of dieting and exercise!
Do you want similar results to my clients where they have...
 Tightened their midsection so they can wear things they haven't worn in years.
 Gone in pant size so they feel sexy again.
  Workout with confidence because with certainty they know their program works. 
 Reached a new level by doing things they've never been able to do before.
If you said YES, this program is specifically for you! Let's start customizing it!
 Client Results!

TFL Trainer Overview

 Workouts - Home & Gym
 Accountability & Community 
  Personal Nutrition coaching so we can find the easiest ways to implement nutrition for result!
  Quickest way to results by using 6 years of experience and thousands of client examples to find a straight forward path for YOU!
  Keep those results so you can feel amazing!
  Take my workout app anywhere so you can feel confident during your workouts. Workout at home, workout at the gym, workout on the road if you're traveling!
  Have a plan so can eliminate excuses! 
  No more overwhelming decisions of what workout to do or what exercise so you can focus on doing your best and feeling your your best!
  Certainty that your workout program will yield results!
  I'm your Personalized cheerleader who wants to help you find what works for YOUR lifestyle so you can stick to it! 
  Learn proper lifting form so you can avoid injury! 
  Learn injury education so can workout around injuries. They happen to even the best of us!
  Workout smarter not harder to see the results you wanting to see!
Accountability & Community
  One-on-one Communication with me! Message me when you have a question!
  Private Facebook Group for support from like minded women
  Private Facebook Group for everyone to celebrate your victories!
  Private Facebook Group or because life's a b*tch sometimes, we can even pick you up when you're down!
You are getting the EXACT system
I personally used to TRANSFORM my clients' body, confidence, and overall health!

Now you're wondering about the price?

This program is equivalent to my one-on-one training. Maybe even MORE valuable because you don't have to schedule a specific time with me, you can workout at 5 am if you want or study nutrition guides at 10 pm, you can do all of this on your own schedule! 

What it cost to work with a trainer in person...

3 sessions a week for a month = $780
3 sessions a week for a year = $9,360
5 sessions a week for a month = $1,300
5 sessions a week for a year = $15,600

The cool part is that you get 5 workouts a week in TFL trainer, my online program...But significantly more affordable!


NOTE: This Program is NOT for Everyone...

Confession. This doesn't work EVERY TIME. It doesn't work for my clients because they pay me. 

It only works as well as you do! 

I am not the trainer you are looking for if you're wanting to "get fit quick". 

I am not the trainer who will tell you "do nothing and bam you'll look fabulous." 

My results aren't remotely typical. 

Matter of fact, most people who buy into ANY "lose weight" training information will not lose any weight whatsoever.

FACT.... If you quit, you are 100% guaranteed to not get results. 

1. You're done making decisions. You do that all day. Who needs to go where, what time do they have to get there, what should you make for dinner, do I deserve a glass of wine with dinner.... no more decisions. You're ready to hand off the responsibility of decision making! You're ready to show up and follow a program written for ya!
(Gym & Home options - rep, set, and instructions included. No more second guessing!)

2. You love to check items off a list! That excitement you feel when you are that closer to your goal. The feeling of accomplishment! Your very own workout is a mini check list! Start. Get it done. Feel accomplished!
(My workout app demonstrates every exercise, tell you how many repetitions to do, and allows you to track all of it! See what you've accomplished, and track your improvements!)

3.You're tired of trying to figure out what diet is the RIGHT diet for you. You're looking for honest answers. You are ready to cut through all the fad diets and get real results and real answers. 
My online training comes with meal plan examples, macronutrient calculator, recipes, and direct help from me a certified personal trainer! 🙌
Client Reviews
 "What's your favorite part about the program & app?"
My online training & coaching program comes with an awesome app to show you what to do for a workout AND you get to track it all! I will help you bypass your own learning curve and avoid popular mistakes but more importantly, you'll see results! !
Meet your Personal Trainer!
How depression saved my life and got me into fitness!
I went through three fitness phases... and the first two FAILED!

Phase 1: Running 5 days a week, no muscle definition, achy knees (from all the running) and eating junk. Social media would have called me "skinny fat". I wasn't overweight because of all my running, but because I wasn't eating well or lifting, I also didn't have that "toned" look that I was wanting. So here came phase 2...

Phase 2: I didn't think my running was the problem, so I was still running a lot. I thought the problem was my food. And what does any woman do when they're sick of not looking the way they do? They do the EXTREME. I did that too 🤦🏼‍♀️I stopped eating! I thought this would make me "toned" and lean! It didn't. I kept hearing friends and family ask if I was sick and if I was eating. So then came phase 3...

Phase 3: I learned about the proper amount of cardio, and the proper type of cardio to help create a strong, lean body. I learned about feeding my body better foods and learned to balance going out with the girls with my fitness life. This is when I created the lifestyle called... THE FITNESS LIFE! I feel good in my skin. I feel strong. I don't feel deprived!
Before hiring Allie, I felt depressed and hopeless....
Allie has helped motivate me and keep me accountable to myself. She has shown me how to eat healthy but not obsess about it. What I love the most about her program is that I don’t feel deprived. I feel like it is attainable as a lifelong change. 

I enjoy going to workout...I love that I have new workouts often to keep it fresh. 

I am much more confident in all aspects of my health now. I am losing fat and gaining muscle. I feel strong and I look better. I generally feel better too. I don’t get headaches like I used to and I have more energy. I have the knowledge now to keep myself healthy for the rest of my life. 
                                                          ~ April
6 Week Programs
  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced. I have several programs for all levels
  • Price: $24.75
  • Workout App: Download my workout app to access demo videos, tracking, and accountability!

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