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ONE TIME OFFER: WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (optional) This is not required for the challenge, but add the new Myzone MZ-SWITCH to your challenge registration and save $70 off the retail price. By adding this you will be able to participate in workout effort challenges designed to motivate you throughout the 6 weeks, track your max heart rate, calories burned, and Myzone Effort Points. Included: chest strap, arm strap and wrist strap, USB charger, heart rate monitor (black device), user guide, and a carrying bag. (Cost: $89)

YOU MUST CHECK THIS BOX TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CHALLENGE! I understand when I sign up for The Fitness Life 6 week challenge, I am doing so at my own risk and will not hold The Fitness Life or The Fitness Life Coaches responsible for any injuries or medical complications whatsoever. I also accept the recurring membership fee of $27  that begins 8 weeks after sign up (applicable to new members only).I understand if I am a current online member or client, everything will stay the same as it is now. I understand I can cancel ANYTIME during the challenge and still participate. The membership is $27/mo and begins 8 weeks after sign up. 

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Challenge Registration includes:
  • ​​8 weeks of Full App Access: Our easy to use app shows you all your workouts, nutritional goals, body stats, and progress graphs. Best way to track everything in one location! (value $54)
  • ​​Gym Home and Hybrid workouts: Brand new challenge workouts designed to sculpt a badass body! Using supersets to maximize calorie burn without the overuse of cardio! Learn correct form and technique with detailed demonstrations. (value $350)
  • Weekly Nutritional Habit Goals: By far, one of the most helpful parts of our challenge is the approach to nutrition. Each week you have a nutritional goal - These goals are broken down to build habits throughout the 6 weeks without getting overwhelmed and quit. (value $297)
  • Private Facebook Group: Join the Facebook group for support, bonus workouts, and answers! (value: $197) 
  • TFL Trainer Nutrition Playbook: This nutrition guide is over 50 pages long and filled with meal plan examples, recipes, food examples, and so many pictures of our coaches' favorite foods! (value $297)
  • Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls: Each week we will have a zoom call with all challengers to go over the weekly nutritional goals, exercises, and answer any questions. (we use zoom because many people do not have facebook) (value $297)
  • NEW MACRO FRIENDLY RECIPES FOR YOU AND THE FAMILY! Don't worry about force feeding your family chicken and rice for dinner. We've got yummy family-friendly recipes to keep everyone happy!
  • ​Myzone discount: Add the new Myzone MZ-SWITCH Heart Rate Monitor, and save $70 off the retail price!
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