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3 months of Level up

60% off Custom programming with weekly check-ins

$525 now only $397

  • ​3 months of Level Up custom programming discounted 60%.
  • ​Was $525 for 3 months is now only $397
  • ​MAXIMUM Order: 4 (12 months of training)
  • How does this work? Start out with a consultation where your coach learns your preferences and fitness history. Before your program is written up, you'll send pictures of your workout space to your coach allowing your program to be customized to you.
  • ​Program updates every 4 weeks. After each phase we will discuss your progress, program, measurements and make adjustments for the next phase. 
  • New Client? Join our client roster and take advantage of our discount! must start sessions no later than January 17, 2022. 
  • InBody measurements for local clients included. 
  • ​Full App access
  • ​The Fitness Life Nutrition Playbook Included (recipes, food ideas, and meal prep videos) + in-app groups
Personalized Online Training
100% customized to YOU!
$175 billed monthly until cancelled
  • Personal Workout Program: Work closely with me, I will write up a personal workout program to fit your lifestyle. Gym or Home, whatever you need to make it happen!
  • Personalized Nutrition: Example meal plans based on your food preferences, custom macro calculations, and adjustments along the way as needed.
  • Workout app: All your custom workouts, measurements and nutrition calculations are in my app. The app also includes exercise demonstration videos and additional coaching!
  • Messaging: 24/7 access to message me anytime with questions!
  • Accountabilty: I will keep you on track so you can accomplish your fitness goals (no matter what they may be!)
Let me coach you! I will show you how strong you are and how reaching your fitness goals is possible! Get started today!
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